Learnings for Week 36 2010

  • Google provides some modern webfonts that anyone can use through their font api.
  • SQL Authentication can be turned on for SQL Server through the Management Console under the Server Properties. More details can be found here.
  • Using the Facebooker2 gem you must call ‘fetch’ on the Facebook user to get their user details.
  • Posting to a users feed is really easy with Facebooker2
  • You can prevent Parallels from automatically switching to Coherence mode by changing the Startup View in Startup and Shutdown options for the VM. More details here.
  • Came across an article with 15 CSS Tips and Tricks that a had a few interesting points (IE6 PNG with filters) that I hadn’t known about.
  • Rails 3 respond_with calls as_json on objects when returning a json response instead of to_json
  • Rails 3 respond_with returns " " on successful update or delete calls. jQuery has trouble parsing this as json so always fails. On the jQuery side this can be fixed by adding this line (I came up with this based some of the suggestions in this article:
    jQuery.ajaxSetup({ dataFilter: function(data, type){ 
      return (!data || jQuery.trim(data)=="") ? "{}" : data; 
    } });
Posted October 27, 2010


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